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MyMajors Impact on Four-Year Graduation Rates

Students who start college with a declared major stay in school and graduate in four years at a significantly higher rate than those who enter “undecided.” Statistics support this, as does a new tool that helps high school seniors and college freshman select the major that will increase the odds of staying in school and graduating on time.

Summary of report:

51 percent of students who used MyMajors graduated in four years – 11 percent higher than the national average. And students that have completed the MyMajors assessment as a high school junior had the best results.

Students of color that completed the MyMajors assessment also graduated at rates higher than the national average: African American (41.9 percent vs. 21.0 percent); Hispanic (41.3 percent vs. 29.7 percent); Native American (36.4 percent vs. 22.7 percent); and multi-national (58.3 percent vs. 39 percent) – and all within four years.

The national average retention rate for four year schools is 71.8 percent. MyMajors survey takers have an average retention rate of 85.6 percent. The retention rate of MyMajors students is consistent across all ethnicities and genders ranging from 84.7 percent to 89.5 percent.

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